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  2. Article: MMA Mommas don't let your babies grow up to try mixed martial arts
  3. Results Article from Calgary Sun
  4. Article: UFC's debut was California cool
  5. Article: Fight club
  6. Article: PRIDE in Vegas for October?
  7. Results Article from Iowa Newspaper
  8. Article: UFC 59 leads to thoughts on the toughest golfer
  9. Article: UFC Results from So-Cal
  10. Article: Ultimate Fighting a hit in California
  11. IFL Article: A Market Worth Fighting For
  12. Article: MSA helping to fight stereotypes
  13. Article: Condit, Trigg to mix it up in Rumble 9
  14. Article: Reality bites for new champ
  15. Article: The Ultimate Fighting Anarchist
  16. TUF3 Bisping Article: Caged tiger!
  17. ROTR9 Article: New champ hopes for business boost
  18. ROTR9 Article: Fighters ready to rumble ... possibly twice
  19. ROTR9 Article: Shields emerges as champion
  20. Article: Vindication for Tim Sylvia, top heavyweight dog once again in UFC
  21. Article: Brock Lesnar & WWE Settle Lawsuit
  22. Article: 'Mayhem' back in ring with giant task looming
  23. Article: Marc Ratner at the Helm
  24. Article: Mark Kerr Interview (MMAFighting)
  25. Article: Mark Kerr Interview (Gracie Mag)
  26. Article: Brutal sport fighting for respect
  27. Article: Advertisers dream: Ultimate Fighting becomes huge hit with key demo
  28. Article: UFC sketches out future fights for mixed martial arts circuit
  29. Article: UFC versus Boxing; Losing the Battle of Evolution
  30. ECC Article: MacKay?s journey lands him in mixed martial arts show
  31. Article: Former UFC Champs Belfort And Randleman Meet
  32. Article: Cage fights a big hit:5,600 pack Forum for mixed martial arts ECC battles
  33. Article: Lindland wins at mixed martial arts event
  34. Article: Five minutes with ... Randy Couture, champion wrestler
  35. Article: Tough guys may not be tough enough (Shamrock interview)
  36. Article: UFC Champs Fight Against Violence
  37. Article: IFL to Merge with Paligent Inc. Gareb Responds!
  38. Article: Cousins from Different Cultures
  39. Press Release: Center Devoted to Combat Sports Will Research Tough Questions
  40. Article: Gracie predicting victory
  41. Article to answer the question where in the world is Tito Ortiz?
  42. Article: Champ ready for UFC legend
  43. Article: Tough guy: Matt Hamill proves deafness no bar to ?Ultimate Fighter?
  44. Article: Ultimate Fighting: An inside look
  45. Article: A sport that is taking a beating
  46. Article: No Pain, No Gain: Mike Nickels aims to knock out the competition
  47. Article: The Fight Is On! Mixed martial arts competition is getting vicious
  48. Article: Sport getting uncaged
  49. Marcelo Tigre: From Poverty to MMA Stardom ...
  50. Article: "Stealth" director sharpens "Arrow" (re: MMA movie)
  51. WFA Comes Out Swinging By Signing International MMA Superstar Quinton Jackson
  52. WFA Comes Out Swinging By Signing International MMA Superstar Quinton Jackson
  53. Article: Russian Martial Art Spreading in Korea
  54. Article: When It Comes to Suffering for Your Art, Don't Duck
  55. Article: 'The Bear' out of hibernation and ready to rumble
  56. Article: Shamrock shot not just luck
  57. Article: Taneo: Grappler versus boxer
  58. Article: UFC 61 set to go
  59. Article: Ultimate fighting hot property on TV
  60. Article: New outlook from boxing
  61. Article: Ultimate Fighting Championship looks north of the border to hold card
  62. Article: Ultimate fighting no more violent than boxing, football
  63. Article: UFC legend takes on reigning champion
  64. Article: Nam draws inspiration from slain brother
  65. Article: Q & A: UFC legend Royce Gracie
  66. Article: White has big plans for UFC
  67. PSL Release: Q & A - Lyoto "Little Inoki" Machida
  68. Article: Q & A: UFC champ Matt Hughes
  69. Article: Vera looking to make a name
  70. Article: Street fighting sells
  71. Article: Fightin' chance
  72. Article: Gracie-Hughes a clash of old school vs. new
  73. Article: St. Pierre ready for another shot at Hughes
  74. Article: UFC: Gracie's return marks debut
  75. Diego Sanchez - Fashionista
  76. Article: Giant Killers
  77. Article: A healthy Sanchez is a dangerous Sanchez
  78. Article: UFC 60 results article
  79. Results Article: Rising stars shine in UFC undercard
  80. Article: Hillsboro native wins big ultimate fighting bout
  81. Article: Fight Club
  82. Inside the Octagon at UFC 60
  83. UFC 60 Article
  84. Article: Jail Tells Rodriguez to Get "Lost"
  85. The Ultimate Blood Test (Brandon Vera Article From The Washington Post)
  86. Article: Gentlemen, Welcome to Fight Club
  87. Article: UFC tops Yahoo!'s-who's list (a few cool news items)
  88. Knoxville article mentioning MMA programming
  89. Article: Next up for UFC champ is St. Pierre
  90. Article: Art of War
  91. Japanese Article: Olympian grapples with own loyalties
  92. Article: MMA title bout bound for Montreal?
  93. IFL Article: A Different Kind of Fight
  94. IFL Article: Ultimate Fighting/UFC legend Miletich returning to ring
  95. Article: Former Raider Cole triumphs
  96. Article: UFC president hypes St. Pierre-Hughes
  97. Article: Cage Fighting Draws New Fans, Takes Lumps
  98. Article: Santa Cruz's Graham, Southworth to fight in Strikeforce 'Revenge'
  99. Article: Mixed Martial Arts Column
  100. Article: O'Neal is a fighter
  101. Article: 'Icekid' ultimately a cool winner
  102. Article: Moreno working for bigger paydays
  103. Article: Mixed martial arts fighting: What is it?
  104. Article: Pride drives 'The Thrill's' ring adventures
  105. Article: StrikeForce Results
  106. Article: Taneo: When rules make a mess
  107. Article: Strikeforce a hot brand of mayhem
  108. Article: Baczynski finds outlet for aggression
  109. Article: In the Mix
  110. Report: Werdum's coach killed
  111. Article: Blood Sport
  112. mario sperry interview
  113. Article: Getting back on your feet
  114. Article: Goldberg Making Comments, Movies
  115. Rachel's 2000th post - another article!
  116. Bruce Lee Tribute from Korean Newspaper
  117. Tito Ortiz Article: Beating up on his boss
  118. Sumo Article: It worked for Tarzan
  119. Article: Olsen falls to Franca
  120. Boston Herald's Regular UFC column
  121. Article: UFC Fighter Buentello gives clinic in Tall City
  122. Article: Teaching the troops, Gracie style
  123. Couture Article: Ex-UFC star takes shot at Hollywood
  124. NY Times on MMA
  125. TUF Article: Portlanders fighting for Ultimate prize
  126. Article: Worth the weight to face UFC star Liddell?
  127. Article: Goldberg likes WFA, dislikes WWE
  128. Article: Haynes makes it to Ultimate finale
  129. Article: Q & A: UFC's Luke Cummo
  130. Malaysia Article: Who will be the ultimate fighter?
  131. Article: Mixed Martial Arts Column (6/22/06) - worth reading...
  132. Article: Q&A with Stephan Bonnar, UFC Light Heavyweight Fighter
  133. Article: Taneo: The Brazilian and the Brawler
  134. Article: Expert attention: Rodrigo Gracie gives seminar at academy
  135. Article: Portlanders lose in 'Ultimate Fighter'
  136. Article: Maui fighter ultimate champ
  137. Article: Maui fighter wins in Vegas
  138. Article: Ultimate fighting about competing
  139. Article: Couture still busy after retiring
  140. Article: Commentary: UFC just as brutal as any contact sport
  141. Article: Michael crowned Ultimate Fighter in TV show
  142. Article: 'The Ultimate Fighter 3' Finale on Spike TV is the Most Watched UFC Event
  143. Article: UFC Tito Ortiz a huge -550 favorite, threatens to take head off of President
  144. Rashad Evans Article: Ex-Sparrow security guard turns 'Spike TV' gladiator with glove
  145. Article: Starnes gets back up (AKA Kalib gets a contract)
  146. Article: Evans proves to be trouble for Bonnar
  147. Oklahoma Article: Fighting for his life
  148. Article: 'The Count' In Big Time
  149. Article: Local fighters prepared for event in Atlantic City
  150. Article: 6/29 Mixed martial arts column
  151. Article: The ultimate fight
  152. Article: Michael scoops the 'Ultimate' accolade
  153. Don't Blame UFC for Boxing's Woes
  154. Article: UFC: Marquardt dreaming of defeating Rich Franklin
  155. Article: Maui fighter on 'Ultimate' high
  156. Article: Atlantic City casinos ordered to close
  157. Article: First Tracy Smothers, Now UFC Ready To Answer Any WWE 'Challenges' Or MMA
  158. 'Watch out for US and Mexico in 2010' (Interview w/ Tito Ortiz)
  159. (UFC) In any language
  160. UFC's popularity brings White's quest to fruition
  161. Article: Spike TV pumps up its testosterone level
  162. Article: Jupiter-based fighters to compete in Vegas
  163. Article: Injury stops Hamill's dream of fighting in UFC...for now
  164. Article: Salem native suffers defeat
  165. Article: Fair Fight Nickels 1, ACF 0
  166. Article: Q & A: UFC's Tito Ortiz
  167. Article: Sylvia, Arlovski set to settle differences
  168. Article: 'Ultimate' Guest For Martial Arts Seminar
  169. Sylvia and Arlovski Vie for UFC Heavyweight Title (Washington Post Article)
  170. Article: Shamrock-Ortiz a last shot at redemption
  171. Article: TAKE FIVE: ultimate fighting championship
  172. Article: Making an impact
  173. Article: Mir is ready to go
  174. Article: Q & A: UFC's Ken Shamrock
  175. Article: Shamrock more than a fighter
  176. UFC 61 Results Article
  177. Washington Post Results Article
  178. Tito Ortiz on fifaworldcup.com
  179. UFC on ESPN.COM
  180. Article: Shamrock loses in first round
  181. Article: Librarian gets a kick out of martial arts
  182. Article: Ring Leaders
  183. Article: These personalities are hard-hitting
  184. Article: Ultimately, no Mir mortal
  185. Article: UFC Rebuilds After Bad Start
  186. Article: Op/Ed: As real as it gets?
  187. UFC on the front page of Y!
  188. Article: Op/Ed: UFC fails in bid for front page exposure
  189. Inside the Octagon: Ain't no other
  190. Article: Inside the Octagon: Ain't no other
  191. Article: Ultimate Fighter at Mighty M
  192. Article: Niche sport becoming cultural, corporate phenomenon
  195. SI Article: Sports' monster in the closet
  196. Article: Mixed martial arts, which will make its Boise debut Saturday, is getting...
  197. Article: UFC 61 broken but not fixed
  198. Article: Tunes and 'Tudes -- Butterbean highlights Fightfest tonight
  199. Article: Tough Love: Fighters' visit packs a punch
  200. Article: Brock Lesnar Stripped Of IWGP Title, MMA Future, Reasons Behind 'No Show'
  201. Article: Murphy: Extreme fights didn't knock me out
  202. Let?s do it again (Bonnar vs Griffin II)
  203. Article: Fierce Foe for Boxing
  204. Article: Promoter wants elbow strikes in ECC 3
  205. Article: This blood sport should be big hit
  206. Article: Mixed martial arts could grow with some credibility
  208. Article: Ultimate fighters visit Camp Pendleton
  209. Article: St. Pierre attracts a crowd
  210. Article: UFC: Here's making the Ultimate Fighting Concession
  211. Penn State Article: Amateur training to join UFC
  212. Article: Canadian scrapper set
  213. Arlovski's boxing coach breaks down fight
  214. Ultimate fighters visit Camp Pendleton
  215. 10 Questions with BJ Penn
  216. Article: Montreal's St. Pierre earns rematch with Hughes at UFC 63 in Anaheim
  217. Article: Sorting out the UFC Lightweight Division
  218. WFA Article: Fighters will put new sport on display
  219. Article: Backing Himself Into a Corner
  220. Article from India: AXN turns on the heat with 'Fight Night'
  221. Lindland finds life after UFC
  222. Ultimate Fighting making inroads into boxing's turf
  223. Bas Rutten on ESPNEWS Hotlist
  224. Andrei Arlovski post-fight interview
  225. Article: Chuck Norris arrives in Austin to promote new league fighting venture
  226. Article: Wesleyan's Bedard puts wrestling skills to use when school is out
  227. Article: Miller takes on Lodune Sincaid Saturday at the Forum
  228. OC Register's MMA Column July 19
  229. Article: UFC returning to The Pond in September
  230. Article: WFA: Rutten ready for action
  231. Article: WFA: Lappen leading stiff competition
  232. Article: Gracies Spin Royce Loss- "Royce lost, GJJ wins!!"
  233. Article: UFC 61 Review
  234. Article: Griffin, Bonnar prepare for rematch
  235. MSIA's Shooto Preview
  236. Article: Rutten, Rampage headline WFA's return
  237. Article: Rampage makes his WFA debut, U.S. return
  238. From Michael McCarthy's USA Today column
  239. Article: WFA tries to answer Ultimate question
  240. Article: A Moment With ... Ivan Salaverry, Ultimate Fighter
  241. Article: The sport they call human cockfighting
  242. Article: Kimo Leopoldo disqualified for Saturday fight
  243. Article: Fierce Competition
  244. Guida goes to Japan
  245. Article: Interview with Georges St. Pierre
  246. Article: Blind fighter teaches mixed martial arts
  247. Article: WFA: Fighter goes on `Rampage'
  248. Article: Mike Bisping To Ref At CW Portsmouth
  249. Op/Ed Article: UFC falls in same crude category as Toughman
  250. Article: Mixed Martial Arts Fights a Rampaging Success