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  1. Best Poster of the Decade
  2. Banner Ad of the Year
  3. BK's "Upset of the Decade"
  4. BK's "Knockout of the Decade"
  5. Best "Best of Poll"
  6. BK's "Submission of the Decade"
  7. BK's "Fight of the Decade"
  8. BK's "Fighter of the Decade Runner-Up"
  9. Best Famous Person Death
  10. BK Couple of the Decade (or however long we've been around)
  11. Best useless sub-forum?
  12. 2010 BK Fighter of the Year Poll
  13. 2010 BK Fight of the Year Poll
  14. 2010 BK Event of the Year Poll
  15. 2010 BK Knock Out of the Year Poll
  16. 2010 BK Submission of the Year Poll