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Read on as Amedeo Vidaic catches up with Canadian BJJ and UFC Star Mark Bocek. Mark talks about his thoughts on the Upcoming UFC 79 card, his preparations for his bout against Doug Evans and much more...

BK:Frankie Edgar was a tough fight for you (as he has shown himself to be a very tough fight for anyone), what would you say was your learning experience from that fight?

MB: He is a tough opponent, I got alot more well rounded from that fight and alot more confidence, I'm ready for whatever comes next now.

BK: Your next opponent Doug Evans, though small for the 155 lb. weight class has shown some decent wrestling ability and has given Roger Huerta one of his toughest fights to date, how do you feel you match up against him?

MB:I think I match up very well against him, he is a tough guy and those are the ones I want to fight, he is a good wrestler and I think the fans will get what they deserve.

BK:With the UFC's Lightweight roster building up quite nicely, how do you feel you match up with the majority of guys in the division right now and what do you think you especially bring to it?

MB:I feel that I'm constantly getting better and better, I already fought one of the top guys. I feel I bring a good mix of bjj, wrestling and heart into the game.

BK: You’re training at Team Quest. Could you tell us a little about how the training regimen there is and what you've gained from it I comparison to Jackson's and some other places you’ve trained?

MB: Every training camp is different, I really enjoy Team Quest, I think they are a perfect fit for me.

BK:You have fought in a few different events in Canada, how would you say fighting in the Octagon and in the US compares to fighting in some of the venues you've fought at?

MB:UFC is the toughest mma event to fight in, you have the best fighters there, but I have been competing my whole life and love this type of challenge.

BK:You've stated in the past that Royce Gracie's performances in the early UFC's are what inspired you at a young age to take up MMA and BJJ. How exactly did these shows inspire you and how does it feel to have finally made it to the UFC?

MB:This is all I do, Royce and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu was a huge inspiration for me, it's a dream come true to be fighting in the UFC.

BK: You've trained with some of the world's best BJJ players such as Joao Roque and Rickson Gracie. Could you tell us something about your experiences training with them and what you've gained from them, inside and outside the gym?

MB:I have trained with alot of great grapplers. When training with such high level and gifted athletes, no matter who you are you will improve especially if you have some natural ability. I have been very lucky to train with all the people I have.

BK:With MMA and grappling constantly growing in Ontario and the rest of Canada, what do you think of the present state of the scene here, as well as its future? what has your experiences in it been like throughout the years?

MB: I think Canada has alot of potential, you got fighters coming out of alot of provinces now and they are all getting better. I have seen it go from nothing to big in the last 10 years and it's only getting better, I think Canada can compete with any country in MMA.

BK: You are regarded by many as an icon and a major pioneer in the growth of MMA and submission grappling not just in Ontario, but in all of Canada. In fact many who run academies in Toronto credit you with keeping their interests in BJJ alive and passionate. Having been so looked up to and talked about throughout the years in the grappling and MMA community in Canada, how has it felt and how does it continue feel to be regarded as such a positive role model, influence and amazing talent in the community?

MB: It feels great that I have so many friends that look up to me. There are alot of great fighters and grapplers in Canada, I have just been around it for a long time. I have alot of students who look up to me and I do whatever I can to help them, I think it shows with their national and international success, but I'm trying to be the best I can be also.

BK:Also on this event are the Hughes/St Pierre rubber match and the clash of two of the sport's legends in Liddell vs Silva. as well as the hotly anticipated Soko vs Machida fight. How do you see these fights panning out?

MB:It's a great card btw. I think GSP will beat Hughes, I think Silva will beat Liddell and I think Soko will beat Machida. Some great fights, but I think that Machida has never faced someone as explosive as Soko. It looks like GSP has Hughes # and Liddell hasn't seemed to be himself lately. Anything can happen in MMA as we all know.

BK:I would like to thank you for this opportunity and to say that it has truly been an honor and pleasure to get a chance to interview you and that you have been such an incredible figure to so many Canadian fans of grappling and MMA. Are there any sponsors or friends you'd like to thank at this time?

MB:I would like to thank everyone that has supported me throughout the years especially my family and students, I would also like to thank all my sponsors: MMA Fan Shop, Manto Fight, Lightforce, Team Quest, Latest Exposure, Submit Gear, Mr.Fitness, Punch Fitness NY, Iron Tiger Muay Thai, Speer Road, SST, Clinch Gear and NOGI.

BK:Most everyone here thinks of you as not only a talent but a great person and we're all looking forward to seeing you compete. The best of luck to you in your next fight and your career. Happy Holidays!

MB: Thanks a lot I appreciate it...

Amedeo Vidaic

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