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BloodyKnux.Com Exclusive Interview: 1 on 1 With Nicholas Pettas! Exclusive Interview: Nicholas Pettas

Late last summer, Bloodyknux.Com was pleased to bring our readers an exclusive interview with K1 Superstar Nicholas Pettas on a host of topics including his budding Movie Career and his plans to return to K1 in the near future. Our very own John Walters was privleged enough to talk with Nicholas again after his recent K1 Dynamite bout against Badr Hari and discussed with him amongst other things his future in the K1 Organization. Read on and enjoy

BK - First off, everyone knows you were injured at the K-1 Dynamite!! vs
Badr Hari. Can you tell us what exactly happened and how the injury is

NP - Yes, what a show that was, I mean there I was training MMA for a possible fight in the PRIDE. When K-1 came along and bargained their way into my mind and heart, I had about 2 weeks notice on that fight, but I had been training very hard for whatever against whomever. So I was ready to fight, it was an easy switch to go from MMA back to my standup. Almost like getting back on a bicycle after a long break. I am not sure as to where exactly where I broke the wrist, but I think I have been able to narrow it down to a bad block against a front kick. I remember it having snapped and thinking to myself, what am I going to do now? You can see on the tape that I wiggle my wrist towards the end of the first round, I did that to check and feel how bad the bones where moving in my arm. There was no pain involved because of the adrenalin, but having done it several times before I knew what was wrong. I had to go back out for the second round though, I wanted to get the most out of it since it had been so long since I had fought in the K-1.

My arm now is really getting better, I am doing everything I can to heal it. I use a special super sonic wave machine to exercise the bone, this helps it to mend up to 30% faster. And then I spend an hour a day in a C02 tank, which also apparently helps heal it a lot faster. Apart from that I am using this special rubber ball to do some squeze exercises, that helps keep as much muscle in the fingers, hand and forearm as is possible. This should cut my rehab time down considerably, you see it's not the broken bone I am worried about. It's the rehab time that wears you out, I am also watching my diet real careful so that I don't gain any unnessecary weight now that I am not actually working out.

BK - Everybody knows you waited for a LONG time to get back into K-1. In
out last interview you expresses your interest in getting back in the
ring. How did it feel to finally be back?

NP - I don't know if you can call it waiting, what I did but it did take me 4 years and 6 months to get back into that ring. There is one word that can describe how it felt... Redemption!

BK - How much time did you have to prepare for the fight with Badr?

NP - Well Like I said in my first answer, I was preparing to go to PRIDE, so I had spent a good 4 months on the ground. But I had also been sparring my standup all this time, so I was ready to fight anything or anyone. But in fact that card was decided about 10 days before it was on, I didn't get to sign the actual contract until 3 days before the fight...

BK - How did you feel your preparation for this fight went?

NP - Considering all the hassles and all the trouble I had to go through just to get to the fight, I feel that I was extremely well prepared. It was a very long struggle to get to where I got, and that is a totally different fight. But when I walked down that Isle it was all lifted away, and now all I had to do was fight, something I am good at. It was such great fun, I loved it.

BK - Your lowkicks against Hari looked like they had some extra sauce on
them, he even changed his stance at one point. How do you think they
were affecting him?

NP - I don't think he switched stance because of my kicks, I think he did it to try and kick me in the head...? But I hope they hurt him, I had planned out the whole fight in my mind. And things were going according to what I wanted to up until I ran into that broken arm thing. He was really quick, and he has a very good eye for the fight, but I was just starting to figure him out when it was all over. Damn shame to have to end it like that, but that is the fighting game.

BK - Would you like to rematch Badr? This time minus the broken arm? (laugh) How do you think you would do?

NP - First of all, I would like to not break anything next time I fight him or anyone else for that matter, but yes, I think a rematch would be nice somewhere down the line. Maybe we could do it next Dynamite show? They could call it the "Replay!" How do I think I would do next time? hopefully a lot better than this time...

BK - What was written on his shirt in japanese? Was is something about
you? He has a reputation of insulting his opponents, and i cant read
Japanese so...

NP - I think that he was very honorable about fighting me, he didn't talk any trash and neither did I. I respect him for his fighting and see through all the other BS, it is all about marketing. He is good for the sport, talks a lot of trash and this is good for TV, but the truth of it all is that he is an excellent fighter. He will be in this game a long time, and fans will be able to watch him mature into a great fighter. I think his T-shirt said, BADR SAYS STOP SUICIDE.

BK - What was it that finally worked out your K-1 return? There was lots
of issues before correct?

NP - Yes, it was a very long struggle. I am fortunate enough to have a very good relationship with my Boss, and was able to smooth things out for me. Had it not been for him, I would not have made it back to any ring other than our own event X-plosion ! Check it out

I wish that I could just come out and tell you all about it, but it will solve nothing and now that I am back it doesn't matter any longer. I am just glad that I never gave up the hope, and stuck to my dreams. At times when everything seemed like it was all over, and I was on the brink of despair I just kept pushing hard. I guess that what the say is true, if you really want it then never give up until you have it.

BK - What exactly does your deal with K-1 entail? Was this a 1 time thing
or will we see you back in the K-1 ring?

NP - I don't know how much I can actually tell you about my deal, but it is a several fight deal. So, YES, you will see me again in the K-1 ring, I just have to get over this broken arm thing...

BK - Who would you like to fight this year regardless of what ring its

NP - I would like to fight Stefan Leko, just because I think it would be a great match.

BK - Please tell us all how Spirit Gym is doing.

NP - It is laying dormant at the moment...We are looking at a new location right now, and will know by the end of the month if the bank will approve it or not. I think we have a 98% chance of getting it, it's going to be great to get my own gym again. I feel like I have been a Ronin for the last year. I gave it up to come back to the ring, now that I have made it I want to get a place I call my own again.

BK - Any up and coming fighters to look out for?

NP - I have 2 fighters that I would like people to watch out for, Koichi Pettas and Ryo Pettas!

They both carry my name in the Muay Thai style, Koichi is a heavy weight and has only lost once. He started his first year in the pro's by knocking out his first 5 opponents! I am putting a lot of work into him. Ryo is our under 60kg's fighter, he trains harder than anyone I have seen, and he is very young, just turned 20 a couple of months ago, he has a great future ahead of him. He gave up everything to become a fighter, so you can say that he is dedicated...

BK - So how are your submission skills coming along? haha just kidding.
Anything specific you have been working on your game?

NP - Just been working a lot on basics, escaping and defense. It is quite fun, and maybe somewhere down the line I could see myself doing it. But for now I am going to focus on my stand up.

BK - What do you think of Semmy Schilts dominance over K-1 the past two years capturing 2 World GP titles?

NP - He is just awesome, I mean when he is on his game I can't really seeing anyone beating him, except for me of course...hehehe

BK - Anything to say to your fans out there? Anything to look out for?

NP - Yeah, Don't Miss my upcoming movie...It's called "In the breath of a Dragon" fully action packed drama! seriously, I just want to get back in the ring.
For the fans; Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I am still here because of you, you kept believing in me and that kept me going when all else failed, thank you!

BK - Thanks alot for your time and good luck with the Gym and the ring!

NP-Thank you, and now that I am back in the K-1, I am going to see about fighting in the States. Hopefully I will see you all in Vegas!!!

And if there are any promoters that would like to book my boys Koichi or Ryo then drop me a line either to Bloodyknux or catch me

on my website,

John Walters

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