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What is boron nitride?

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Boron nitride is a crystal composed of nitrogen atoms and boron atoms. The chemical formula is BN. It has various crystal structures, and each crystal type has its own unique and excellent properties. As a new material, boron nitride has been widely used in multiple new technologies and new products. Its application has improved the modern industry's technical level and promoted the development of the original material industry to a deeper and broader field.
What is hexagonal boron nitride?
Hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) --- The crystal structure is similar to graphite, called "white graphite." It is a lubricant with excellent performance, usually a white powder.
Hexagonal boron nitride is a good conductor of heat and an electrical insulator. It has high chemical stability, low friction coefficient, and excellent lubricating performance, especially at high temperatures. It still has the exceptional self-lubricating ability.
The advantages of hexagonal boron nitride in cosmetics
In the field of beauty, the efficiency and permeability of active substances into the skin are directly related to particle size. Cosmetic particle size is essential because smaller particle diameters may increase surface area and encapsulate active cosmetic substances.
The hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) nanomaterials can control the size of the synthesized particles. Hexagonal boron nitride has apparent advantages in cosmetics, especially sunscreen products. It allows the nanostructure to be adjusted at different formation stages to control the size and surface area. It has an excellent performance in dispersion, non-toxic, and transparent, And chemically inert.

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