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Application of silicon nanoparticles in coatings

wallpapers News 2020-05-28
Nanotechnology in the perfect application of paint products, including internal walls, external walls, antibacterial latex paint, primer and other dozens of varieties. The performance of the product has been greatly improved: nano unique double hydrophobic, non-stick water, non-stick oil, wash brush resistance up to ten thousand times; Super adhesion and elasticity, no empty drum, no peeling, no cracking; The ultraviolet ray shielding function of nanometer material greatly improves the aging resistance, the color fastness for a long time and the service life of more than ten years. Unique photocatalysis, self-cleaning function, can prevent mildew and sterilization, purify air. According to coating application:
1. If the user needs to improve the anti-aging, anti-scrubbing and anti-fouling performance of the coating, it is recommended to use the coating alone or in combination with the high-grade coating. The former dosage is 1-5%, the latter dosage is 0.5-3% nanometer titanium oxide, silicon nanoparticles are 0.5-2%, for medium and low grade coatings, the dosage of nanometer material is 1-2%, mainly with nanometer silicon oxide, no or less with nanometer titanium oxide. Generally speaking, the amount of nanometer material should be as high as possible within the range of cost. In the case of strict cost control, it is recommended that the customer determine the optimal amount of nanometer material through experiments so that it has a good cost performance.

2, if the internal wall coating users have higher requirements for indoor air quality, can be used to clean the air with nano titanium oxide or rice anion powder, with nano antibacterial materials or with nano zinc oxide to improve the antibacterial, mildew performance. Users can use the combination of nanometer titanium oxide and nanometer silicon oxide to improve the smoothness, anti-fouling performance and thickening performance of the coating, recommended dosage (1-3%), single use, composite can be used, using anion and anatase nanometer titanium oxide can improve the ability of the coating to purify the air.
3, special coating antistatic coating, used in the machine room and other places with high antistatic requirements; Wear resistant coatings, the use of nano zirconia, nano cobalt oxide can significantly improve the hardness and wear resistance of the coating; (3) corrosion resistant coating, nano silicon oxide, nano titanium oxide, nano zinc oxide can be used alone or in combination to improve the corrosion resistance of the coating, especially sea water corrosion resistance; Fire retardant coating, if there is a requirement for the fire performance of the coating, it is recommended to use nano magnesium oxide, adding 0.5-5%, respectively.

Silicon nanowire is a new type of one-dimensional semiconductor nanomaterial. The diameter of the wire body is generally about 10 nm. The inner crystal core is monocrystalline silicon, and the outer layer has a SiO2 coating layer.

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