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Iran Developed The Newest Robot That Walks, Writes, And Takes Selfies

wallpapers Products 2020-03-27
It is reported that robot experts from the University of Tehran have developed the fourth-generation Surena humanoid robot. The fourth-generation Surena is 1.7 meters tall and weighs 68 kg. It has 43 degrees of freedom (DOF), of which 12 additional degrees of freedom are concentrated on the arm. The degrees of freedom is referred to as the freedom of movement of the robot mechanism and refers to the number of joints that the robot mechanism can independently move. It is a technical indicator of the robot and reflects the flexibility of the robot's movements. More freedom means that the robot can complete more complex actions. For example, the fourth-generation Surena can imitate a person's posture to grab a water bottle from a box, write his name on a whiteboard, and even take a selfie with someone.

The fourth-generation Surena also uses more advanced materials and smaller custom actuators. This reduced the weight of the robot by almost 32 kg compared to the previous generation. In addition to external hardware upgrades, the internal systems of the fourth-generation Surena have also improved. It is newly equipped with a sensing system that can navigate in space and a text-to-speech unit that can communicate with people. Besides, the fourth-generation Surena fitted with a custom force sensor on the sole can adjust the angle and position of the foot. It can walk freely, even on uneven roads.
Cylindrical roller bearings are an essential part of robots. The development of modern industrial robots tends to be lightweight. To install bearings in a limited space, they must be small and lightweight, that is, lightweight. But at the same time, the robot's high load, high slewing accuracy, high running stability, high positioning speed, high repeat positioning accuracy, long life, and high reliability require the supporting robot bearings to have a high load-carrying capacity, high efficiency, and high performance. Stiffness, low friction torque, long life, high reliability. Lightweight and high performance are a contradiction.

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