Introduction to the preparation method, price and use of nanosilica powder

Nanosilica is an important member of nanomaterials. It is a white amorphous powder, non-toxic, odorless, and non-polluting non-metallic material. Its microstructure is a flocculent or network-like quasi-granular structure. This special structure gives it unique properties.

Nanosilica has a very large surface area and chemical reactivity and can be used to modify coatings, plastics, rubber, ceramics, fiberglass and other products. It can also serve as a catalyst and catalyst carrier to increase the rate and selectivity of chemical reactions. In addition, nano-silica can also be used in drug carriers and biomedical fields. For example, it can be used as a drug carrier in drug delivery systems to enhance the efficacy of drugs and lower side effects.

Preparation method of nano-SiO2

  1. Preparation of silica by gas phase method

The gas phase method mostly uses silicon tetrachloride as raw material. It uses silicon tetrachloride gas to hydrolyze at high temperatures under hydrogen and oxygen flow to produce smoke-like silica.

  1. Preparation of silica by hypergravity method

The basic principle of hypergravity technology is to utilize the unique flow behavior of multi-phase flow systems under hypergravity conditions to enhance the relative velocity and mutual contact between phases, thereby achieving efficient mass and heat transfer processes and chemical reaction levels. The nano-silica powder produced by the hypergravity method has a small average particle size, a relatively narrow particle size distribution range, a large specific surface area, and high purity.

  1. Preparation of nanosilica by chemical precipitation method

The chemical precipitation method is a conventional method for preparing nano-silica. It usually uses a certain amount of water, glass, and inorganic salts as raw materials, precipitating and synthesizing them at a suitable acid value and temperature. The preparation process of the chemical precipitation method is relatively simple, and the particle size of the prepared product is small. Small and high in purity, it is a more practical method.

  1. Preparation of nanosilica by sol-gel method

During the preparation process of the sol-gel method, since the gel contains a large number of pores, serious agglomeration of powder particles can be prevented during the preparation process, the size of the powder particles can be easily controlled, and pure ultra-fine SiO2 particles with uniform particle size distribution can be produced.

What kind of nano silica powder is good?

Small agglomeration, uniform particle size distribution, good dispersion; large specific surface area, strong adsorption performance; high degree of lipophilic and hydrophobic properties (hydrophobic and lipophilic specifications)

How much does nano silica powder cost per ton?

The price of silica powder generally varies with purity and particle size. In addition, market trends will also affect the price of silica powder. All prices are based on the price quoted by the silica powder manufacturer on that day.

Silica powder application areas

Tire industry

Silica was used only as decorative strips in white sidewall car tires. Later, its use gradually expanded and is now used in various tire components. Generally speaking, if the hysteresis loss of the tread rubber is reduced, the wet grip will also be reduced. However, the use of silica in tire tread rubber, especially the combination of highly dispersible precipitated silica and coupling agents, can simultaneously increase tire life (improve wear resistance) and safety (improve wet skid resistance). Reduce fuel consumption (reduce rolling resistance). Therefore, many foreign tire manufacturers currently use highly dispersible silica in the tread, which can effectively improve tire performance.

In addition, precipitated silica is used in the tire carcass and belt layer to improve the adhesion between the steel cord and rubber; partially replacing carbon black with silica in the tire sidewall rubber can greatly improve the rubber. It improves the durability of the material’s flex resistance and impact resistance. It is used in the tire wrapping cloth of cars and truck tires to maintain the dimensional stability of the rubber material and improve its ability to resist mechanical damage.

Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber has high heat resistance, excellent cold resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance and atmospheric aging resistance, as well as great electrical insulation properties. It can be used for a long time in the range of -60℃-250℃, and the physical indicators, such as strength, change little with temperature changes.

In addition, silicone rubber has low water absorption and can be stored in humid places for a long time. The moisture content is ≤0.015%. Due to the characteristics mentioned above of silicone rubber, it is widely used in aerospace, electronics, instrumentation and other industries. However, silicone rubber The application of silica began with the emergence of silica, especially since the price of vapor phase silica is too high. Recently, precipitated silica has begun to be used to replace vapor phase silica. However, the existing domestic precipitated silica can only be used for Low-grade silicone rubber is in use.

Pharmaceutical industry

Silica black has physiological inertness, high absorptivity, dispersion and thickening properties, and is widely used in pharmaceutical preparations. For example, quasi-vitamin E powder now uses silica black as a carrier.

Pesticide industry

The main role of silica in the pesticide industry is to serve as a carrier to improve fluidity and prevent agglomeration. Currently, silica is mainly used in various wettable powders.

Ink industry

White carbon black mainly plays a thickening role in ink and is used to control the flow of printing ink. It is also used to control the flow of printer ink so that it cannot flow or sag at will to obtain clear printing.


Silica black is widely used as a matting agent in water-based and solvent-based transparent wood coatings (wood varnish), high-solid coatings, architectural coatings, wallpaper coatings, etc. Silica matting agents treated with polymer wax are used in water-based transparent coatings. Wood coatings have excellent optical properties and only soft sedimentation during use.


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